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Results 2014

The 2014 Midnight Sun Run took place on June 23th. Timing was done with Mylaps system.

Click on the category you want to view. Then you will get a pop-up window with the results. You can press Ctrl F and type in the name of the person you are looking for in order to minimise the scrolling :)

Gun time, the time from gun shot until runner finishes the race, is used to rank runners in both overall and age groups categories.  Chip time, the personal time for each runner, is shown in brackets.

Half marathon


Female Male
1. Anne Julie A. Cattenoz, FRA, 1:37:44  1. Andrew Mcleod, GER, 1:14:15 
2. Erla Eyjólfsdóttir, ISL, 1:38:06   2. Jesse Mang, USA, 1:17:42
3. Stine Haalien, NOR, 1:38:44   3. Robert Longenecker, USA, 1:18:57

Total results in half marathon
Age groups results in half marathon
Female results in half marathon
Male results in half marathon 

10 km


Female Male
1. Agnes Kristjánsdóttir, ISL, 39:24  1. Ingvar Hjartarson, ISL, 34:12
2. Ebba Særún Brynjarsdóttir, ISL, 41:10  2. Björn Margeirsson, ISL, 35:18
3. Íris Dóra Snorradóttir, ISL, 41:45      3. Benedikt Jónsson, ISL, 35:25

Total results in 10k race
Age groups results in 10k race
Female results in 10 k 
Male results in 10 k

5 km


Female Male
1. Hrönn Guðmundsdóttir, ISL, 19:27 1. Guðni Páll Pálsson, ISL, 16:33
2. Borghildur Valgeirsdóttir, ISL, 20:20  2. Þórólfur Ingi Þórsson, ISL, 17:12 
3. Tinna Lárusdóttir, ISL, 20:40 3. Sigurjón Ernir Sturluson, ISL, 17:27

Total results in 5k
Age groups results in 5k 
Female results in 5k
Male results in 5k

Congratulations finishers! Please send us an e-mail to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you can not find your name in the results or if you have any other comments. Last day to send comments about the results is July 1st.

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