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Hér er safn af greinum/bloggi frá fólki um þeirra þátttöku í Laugavegshlaupinu.

Richard Wein (USA)
7:05:21 (2017)

Stefán Gíslason
5:55:56 (2017)

Guri Waalen Borch (NOR)
8:22:14 (2017

Roel Van Der Made (NED)
8:46:33 (2017)

Jo Meek (UK)
5:00:46 (2016 - brautarmet)

Áine Brislane (IRL)
9:04:29 (2016)

Michael Hogan (CAN)
2015 og 2016

Sigurður Konráðsson (ISL)
7:23:11 (2016)

Vincent Gaudin (FRA)
6:46:31 (2015)

Julia Kelk (CAN)
8:29:07 (2015)

Stefán Gíslason (ISL)
5.41:10 (2015)

Seng-lai Tan (USA)
8:57:22 (2015)

Ethel Murphy (USA)
6:27:04 (2014)

Anne-Claire Corral-Birot and Jean-guillaume Birot (FRA)
8:07:56 (2014) 

Eliot Drake (USA)
5:01:00 (2014)

Brian Metzler (USA) - competitor.com
7:41:50 (2013)

Stefán Gíslason (ISL)
5:52:33 (2013)

Gina Lucrezi (USA)
5:28:05 (2013)

Andrea Torng (USA)
7:20:56 (2013)

Allison Pattillo (USA)
8:25:24 (2013)

Penny Comins (GBR)
7:00:03 (2013)

Steinar B. Aðalbjörnsson (ISL)
6:03:27 (2009)

Jessica Glowacki (CAN)

Scott Mcmurtrey (USA)
6:53:33 (2008)

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Erlendir hlauparar eru duglegir við að lofa Laugavegshlaupið og Íslands. Hér eru nokkur sýnishorn sem við höfum fengið send með tölvupósti:

  • I would like to say again what a fantastic race it was (2010). I had a wonderful day and hope to come back in 2012 if I can get a place. The Icelandic people were so helpful and friendly it really made the day and everyone who I met in my 5 days in Iceland were fantastic. Well done Iceland!!! (Simon from UK)
  • Thank everyone for the superb organisation of the Laugavegurinn 2007. I cannot think of any detail that was overlooked, and so I would say next year that you should do the same again, and it will be as good as 2007.
  • Thank you very much for organising such a wonderful race. From my point of view everything was perfect, the transport to and from the race was smooth and on time, the course was easy to follow and safe, the water stops were well spaced out and the bananas and chocolate were very welcome. After the race the barbeque was very generous and the prizes were lovely
  • My compliments for the very well organised beautiful run in your beautiful country. I will be back, and intend also to run the Reykjavik Marathon next year or later!

Um Reykjavíkurmaraþon

Reykjavíkurmaraþon var stofnað árið 1984.  Frá 2003 hefur Reykjavíkurmaraþon verið í umsjón Íþróttabandalags Reykjavíkur (ÍBR) sem eru samtök íþróttafélaganna í Reykjavík.  Á vegum Reykjavíkurmaraþons eru árlega haldin þrjú hlaup: Reykjavíkurmaraþon Íslandsbanka, Laugavegurinn - Ultra Maraþon og Miðnæturhlaup Suzuki. Reykjavíkurmaraþon fagnaði 30 ára afmæli árið 2013.