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Þorbergur and Rannveig are the 2018 winners

The 2018 Laugavegur Ultra Marathon winners are Þorbergur Ingi Jónsson, Iceland, and Rannveig Oddsdóttir, Iceland. The conditions were pretty good today, dry weather and not much wind.

First three male runners

1. Þorbergur Ingi Jónsson, Iceland, 4:10:44
2. Simon Karlsson, Sweden, 4:32:21
3. Ingvar Hjartarson, Iceland, 4:34:40

Þorbergur Ingi finished on the third best time in the race history he is now the holder of the four best times. This was his fifth Laugavegur Ultra Marathon title. 

First three female runners:

1. Rannveig Oddsdóttir, Iceland, 5:16:11
2. Anna Berglind Pálmadóttir, Iceland, 5:26:28
3. Diana Dzaviza, Latvia, 5:30:04

Rannveig finished on the best time that an Icelandic woman has ever run on in this race and 21 minutes better than her best time.

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